I was always the kid that believed in magic; I lived for the fantastic.  I believed in Santa Claus much longer than any of my friends, delighting when NORAD tracked his unbelievable Christmas Eve journey.  And I was always the first to wake on Christmas morning.  I can still feel that rush, half asleep, stumbling […]


America is a funeral pyre, and we are all burning. Our streets are awash with blood from Connecticut to Chicago, Central City to the Pacific Northwest. The sky is falling — hail — a hail of gunfire. And there is a miasma, evil, pervasive, a sickness The bile of rotting gizzard  the emetic reveals Only […]

Street Culture

It is no secret that I take great delight in the street culture of New Orleans.  I’m a regular at Second Lines throughout the city, and last weekend experienced my first Mardi Gras Indian practice.  The combination of brass bands and vibrant colors are like a Siren’s song for me — I can’t help but […]