This is the story of how a northern boy in love with a Louisiana girl and all her charms learns: to cook Cajun; the proper way to eat a crawfish; how to pronounce Natchitoches; that good food comes from gas stations; what the hell an erster is; and how Nick Saban, much like Darth Vader, was at one time very good but now is the epitome of Evil.

Said northern boy is a raconteur and bullshit artist who will be sharing stories, opinions,  the occasional recipe, and a unique outsider’s view a la de Tocqueville all while delivering a loving homage to a place that felt like home to me from the moment I set foot in it.

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  1. I too, married a Southern Louisiana girl and found the culture of her family’s hometown somewhat startling. Albeit not from as far north, I hail from Nashville, TN and was shocked to be referred to as a “yankee” when I first met them. In fact, they still refer to me as such. My in-laws live in Washington, LA just outside of the larger city, Opelousas (or as some of the locals have coined, “Ole Piece O’loose Ass”). I am interested in discovering what area of the great state of Louisiana you reside as we seem to have similar takes on being an initial outsider.

    I also want to mention how much I have enjoyed your writing. I write as well, having published a novel and optioned a screenplay some years back and have had the proverbial day job the entire time which I, too, find encroaching to the creative muse. Great work and I look forward to reading more!

    • Hey Bill,

      Thanks so much for reading and enjoying the blog. I really enjoy writing it. May I ask how you stumbled upon it? I am currently writing the blog from the exile of Hoboken, NJ. My fiancée’s family is from New Orleans, Mandeville, Berwick, and Baton Rouge. I plan on writing a lot more, but it is hard when you have the day job. I am working on becoming an entrepreneur so I can have more time to mess around with my real passions. Once again, thanks for reading and please keep in touch.


      • James,

        Thanks for getting back in touch. Opelousas is about thirty minutes west of Baton Rouge. I know the area well. We generally spend Thanksgiving there which coincides with the opening of deer season. When I first met my now in-laws they insisted on taking me hunting. I guess in their eyes a good kill would counteract any “yankee” influence. However, as fate would have it, year after year went by without so much as seeing a branch flutter. And, truthfully, it didn’t bother me. I referred to the experience of hunting as “getting perspective”, mainly because sitting in a tree stand for hours on end with nothing but your thoughts to keep you company lends itself to introspection and self-deprecation; a litany of questions with answers that usually end in, “and I need to do something about that.” They now take my eleven-year-old son with them. I have be demoted to the rank of mule skinner; my main duty being holding a firm grip on the the deer’s hind quarters as my father-in-law dismembers the beast with a hacksaw. Needless to say, I take a lot of showers.

        I came across your blog via facebook. It has apparently been making the rounds through Louisiana residents and was suggested to me by my wife. Honestly, I rarely find something that grabs me as much as your blog did. To that end, if interested, I’d be flattered to get your thoughts on some of my work as well. It’s always refreshing to find a comrade in arms!

        All the Best,


      • Bill,

        Feel free to pass along any writing. It is no problem at all. I had been promoting my blog largely through FB, but the intrusive nature of FB got to be a little much for me, so now I am hoping to get more in the way of subscriptions. My fiancée will do the FB promoting. My personal email is jscirish27@hotmail.com, and you can always reach me here.

        All the best,

    • Thanks Jeanne. I hear Natchitoches has the prettiest Christmas lights around. I enjoy writing this blog a lot, and I enjoy the freedom to write a variety of topics as opposed to being limited by format. I was a former English major, many moons ago, and still carry around a copy of Strunk and White because I am a little bit prescriptive, within reason. Hope you are doing well, and I can’t wait to read your novel.

      All the best,

    • Thank you for your reply. My novel is actually a non fictionally based recount of my mother’s life growing up in the post Depression era in a small northern Louisiana backwoods area amidst poverty, segregation, injustice, politcal reign of the Longs, and her love of family and the land. Each chapter used a theme based on her love of flowers. It is complicated; however, I have much research still left to do. Her life is so intriguing, and I feel it will be atribute to a magnificent life of an exceptional woman, who through her pain and joy made her children have a great repect for the old Southern traditions. I hope to finish the novel in a few months.
      With warmest regards,
      Jeanne LaFleur

  2. james – so great to meet you guys on my nola birthday,,,nice writing here!!
    emily and eric
    say hi to rylin (spelling?)

    • It was a pleasure meeting you both. Please keep in touch and look us up again when you find yourself in NOLA.

  3. Hi James,

    We came across your blog and wanted to reach out to you. Mutual of Omaha’s aha moment tour is going virtual, and we’re looking for stories just like yours! During the month of February, we are looking for aha moments from the New Orleans area. On February 28th, we’ll be giving away $1,000 to one lucky local who shares their aha moment story, to help them continue their aha moment journey. Would you be interested in sharing your story?

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    Please let me know if you have any questions about submitting your aha moment or the tour in general.

    We look forward to seeing your aha moment, and good luck!




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