As luck would have it…

The weather in New Orleans could best be described as fickle, or maybe mercurial would be a better word.  In a city that cherishes tradition, the weather might be the only thing that changes with frequency.  From the sopping rains and damp chilly days of winter to the steam bath summer days and sultry nights […]

Because it’s Carnival Time

Carnival, or  Mardi Gras (as those from the “Great Elsewhere” call it), is my favorite time of year.  However, this wasn’t alway the case.  In Carnival terms — in life terms in general, really — I’m a late bloomer.  This year will mark my third Carnival season, and my first full season.  Before this time, […]


I was always the kid that believed in magic; I lived for the fantastic.  I believed in Santa Claus much longer than any of my friends, delighting when NORAD tracked his unbelievable Christmas Eve journey.  And I was always the first to wake on Christmas morning.  I can still feel that rush, half asleep, stumbling […]


America is a funeral pyre, and we are all burning. Our streets are awash with blood from Connecticut to Chicago, Central City to the Pacific Northwest. The sky is falling — hail — a hail of gunfire. And there is a miasma, evil, pervasive, a sickness The bile of rotting gizzard  the emetic reveals Only […]

Street Culture

It is no secret that I take great delight in the street culture of New Orleans.  I’m a regular at Second Lines throughout the city, and last weekend experienced my first Mardi Gras Indian practice.  The combination of brass bands and vibrant colors are like a Siren’s song for me — I can’t help but […]

Dome Sweet Home: The Tale of My First Saints Game

“This place is huge.”  I blurted it out almost unwittingly.  I then wittingly tweeted it shortly after.  Having driven by the Superdome numerous times, I knew it intuitively: it dwarfs everything around it.  However, until you walk up the stone and concrete walkways surrounding this monolith, gradually rising until you overlook “Champions Square,” you don’t […]